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As a STTP primary trainee, your placements will be in one of our partnership primary schools - Red Oaks Primary, Orchid Vale Primary or Bridlewood Primary - all in Swindon.   This enables trainees to benefit from the learning facilities university, whilst also having ease of access to the teaching facilities in our primary schools.

At each school you will be provided with:

  • An experienced, subject-specialist mentor.
  • Coaching and feedback on lesson planning and all aspects of delivery.
  • Weekly meetings to set and review targets for your development.
  • A senior mentor to oversee your placement.
  • One hour a week of professional development delivered by the senior mentor to the whole school cohort of trainees.
  • A personalised timetable tailored to your own developmental needs which will give you experience of teaching a broad range of ages and abilities. The number of hours teaching will increase as you progress and increase your confidence.

Teaching staff throughout the partnership have a great deal of experience of working with and mentoring PGCE students. The lead tutor has significant experience with PGCE programmes from a range of providers having originally entered the profession as a career changer through a school-based route and placement in one of the partnership schools herself.

Lydiard Park Academy is the lead school in the Swindon Teacher Training Partnership and is also a national TEEP training school (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme). This is a framework for teaching and learning that develops teaching practice with regards to providing lively, engaging lessons with a focus on active rather than passive learning. Abbey Park and Commonweal staff are also TEEP trained, with Red Oaks Primary, Orchid Vale Primary and Highworth Warneford, and  set to embark on this initiative in the near future. Consequently, we are confident that trainees will be given an excellent grounding in how to plan and deliver lessons that will be interesting, active and engaging for pupils.

I love being a primary school teacher because........

"I love being a teacher because of the variety of roles which you must employ on a daily basis. The job is never boring and the children are a constant source of motivation…but it’s not a 9-5 job -so you have to be passionate, practical and positive every day!"

Martyn - Reception Teacher at Red Oaks Primary School

"I love being a teacher because every day is different.  There is nothing like the buzz of excitement and the smile on a child’s face when they have made a break through with their learning.  I’ve been teaching for over 20 years and I love my job!"

Teacher  - Orchid Vale Primary School

"The reason I love being a primary teacher is quite simply: the children. Making a difference to children’s lives and seeing them grow both academically and non- academically is the reason I come to work every day. No one can put a smile on your face, bring a tear to your eye or make you burst with pride like a child can; it’s the most rewarding career."

Ks2 teacher Red Oaks Primary School


A day in the life of Red Oaks Primary School